Sport Weight Yrn

From our Finnish Landrace sheep. We have our wool processed into lace weight and a light sport weight yarn. A limited yearly supply. Even though "Elsie" looks black by the time shearing time comes around what she has to offer is a dark natural brown. Our girls are Natural and wholistic. They eat local clover and grass and I hand shear them myself. The skeins come in 3.5 to 4 ounce skeins. It is difficult to get an exact weight as it depends upon how much moisture the yarn retains from the processing bath, local humidity, etc. I know sounds strange but this is natural fiber not man made and there are many variables. Needless to say Finn wool is very soft and can be worn next to the skin. It must be carefully washed in cool water or hot water WITHOUT agitation. Do not abruptly change water temperatures.

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