How to Dye with back yard plants

How to Dye with back yard plants
A beginners practical visual guide to using, collecting and creating natural dyes with plants found within your area. This pictorial film guides you thru the various steps to successful natural dyeing. Features an extensive array of plants with multitudes of samples that show the vibrant range of colors that can be obtained from plants. This film is divided into four logical sequences; 1. collecting, 2. organization, 3. mordanting, and of course the 4. actual dyeing of wool and vegetable fibers. the small skeins on the left are samples of all the dye lots done in this film. You too will make a collection of naturally dyed fibers for future reference. A must have stand alone item, or complimentary to your information library Great for beginners and a fun way to learn how to dye with the plants growing anywhere, in any country. This dvd goes into gathering dye stuffs, how to make natural and simple chemical mordants, extracting the dye, and dyeing the vegetable or animal fibers. We dye over 50 skeins and show their results. Professionally done, great music and replacement guaranteed if it does not play. NTSC compliant. For a beginning student in this art form we feel confident that what is presented here is simple and easy to digest, without overwhelming the viewer with vast amounts of knowledge.
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